Responsibilities and Obligations of BOTH full-time and associate members  

BE GOOD NEIGHBORS:  No speeding through the local neighborhood. Drive slowly and stop at stop signs. Do not cut into the oncoming lane when turning onto Duxbury Court. No shouting or loud talking in the evening or night while walking to your car if parked outside the club parking lot.  Be compassionate and mindful and behave how you would want a visitor to behave in your neighborhood. Parents, please convey this information to your children who are of driving age. 

As a cooperative organization, there are responsibilities for every member.  There are two areas of membership obligations: a total of four hours of maintenance and four two-hour shifts of gatekeeping

Buy-Out Option. You may choose to buy-out your maintenance or gatekeeping duties for $200 each. You can pay via PayPal to or email and ask to have an invoice sent to you. This enables you to pay online on our website with a credit card OR you can mail a check to Larkey Private Swim Club, 1547 Palos Verdes Mall #169, Walnut Creek, CA 94597Please reference your last name and key# on all payments and if you're paying $200 for maintenance or gatekeeping or $400 for both buy-outs. Please sign up for your shifts or submit your Buy-Out payment by May 1, 2018, to avoid penalty fees.

Our club bylaws require that a total of 4 hours of maintenance  and 4 shifts of gatekeeping must be completed to keep your membership in good standing. There is a $200 fine for each maintenance shift not signed up for or shift missed and $75 for each gatekeeping not signed up for or shift missed.

GATEKEEPING SHIFTS  - sign up here  
click here to learn WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU'RE THE GATEKEEPER - you must read this before your first gatekeeping shift - there have been many updates for 2018.

MAINTENANCE SHIFTS  - sign up here

We are a cooperative swim club and rely on our members to assist with the upkeep, cleaning and repairs of our facilities and grounds. Every family is required to complete 4 hours of maintenance work. You can sign up to work (2) each 2 hour maintenance shifts. You are welcome to sign up for (2) 2 hour shifts back to back or family members can sign up for 2 shifts at the same time in order to fulfill the 4 hour requirement.
NOTE THE EXCEPTION TO THE ABOVE: the After Swim Practice Clean Up consists of a one week, Monday through Friday, daily assignment which will count as the equivalent of doing 2 maintenance shifts. 


Special Projects. If you have trade skills (contractor, electrical, landscaping, tree trimming, weed abatement, gardening, irrigation, catering, event planning and supervising, painting, etc) which would be useful for club special projects then sign up under the April 1 date. The maintenance chair will contact you and mutually set any future dates for special projects with you, so ignore the April 1 date on the list. When you sign up remember to type your skill/talent and availability in the comment section.

Weekly Maintenance (on Saturday or Sunday mornings before pool opens). Tasks to be done are lawn mowing, blowing and raking leaves in the parking lot along with concreted areas, general cleanup of the grounds, thorough cleaning and disinfecting of both bathrooms, cleaning clubhouse appliances, windows, surfaces, disinfecting outside tables, vacuuming pool deck area, etc. Other occasional tasks include hanging wasp traps, cleaning grills, power washing concrete areas, trimming branches, weeding, raking and small projects requested by the Pool Manager or Maintenance Chairperson. When you show up to work, there will be a sign in sheet and list of tasks to be done. A maintenance supervisor will be there to help you find any tools or supplies you need to complete your tasks.

After Swim Practice Clean Up (weekdays after swim team finishes morning practice). Tasks to be done are cleaning and restocking bathrooms, clean up all picnic and lawn areas of any trash left behind, wipe down all tables, clean up after coaches' breakfast, sweep and straighten up clubhouse. This is a one week assignment each day Monday through Friday from 12:30pm until 1:15pm. You sign up for the Monday date of the week you want to work. Signing up for this one week gig counts as completing two shifts of maintenance.

Holiday Parties.  You can choose to set up or be one of the hosts / activities director for the kids' games, set up and serve snacks and beverages, along with clean up. The club has instructions to follow for the usual party agenda. 

Social Events.  Themed parties will involve set up, serving food and beverages, selling tickets, music, games and clean up. Dates TBD for Disco Pizza Party. We need a supervisor, so if you love planning events and overseeing them, please contact for compensatory details. 

Choose your date, click on 'Sign Up' and then go to bottom of page and click on 'Submit and Sign Up' for you to fill in your name, phone number, email address and Key#. If you have any questions, please contact the Larkey Maintenance Scheduler at

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