Be a Lifeguard at Larkey Private Swim Club

If you are interested in being a Larkey Lifeguard for the 2020 season, please make sure you will have proper and current certification. Many of the classes are offered during winter and spring breaks - so register soon to get the location and times you prefer. Here is a list of various parks and recreation departments in the area offering Lifeguard classes. 

Lifeguard Training (take this type of class if you've never been a lifeguard before. You must turn 15 years of age by the last day of class.)

Lifeguard Recertification (you can take this type of class if your lifeguard certificate is still valid, but will be expiring in 2020)

Fill out this LIFEGUARD APPLICATION FORM now (if you're not already certified - there's a place to fill in the date you anticipate to complete your lifeguard class) and email to . If you already have an application on file from a prior year, you can skip this step. 


How old do lifeguards need to be?   15 years old. If you're not turning 15 until June - there is a class at Rudgear Pool in June you should sign up for ASAP. 

Will I know for sure if I'll be hired before I spend the time taking the classes?  We love that you want to be a lifeguard and will definitely provide you with some shifts to use your new skills. We have the older/experienced guards mentor the new guards so we keep developing a core group of Larkey lifeguards..... for generations to come. By letting the pool manager know when you anticipate getting your lifeguard certification, you can be put on the schedule to start working after that date. 

How long are the shifts and when will you start scheduling lifeguards to work?  The pool opens the first weekend in May. Shifts ‚Äčare usually 4 hours long. The pool manager sends out an "available / open shifts calendar" about 3 weeks in advance of each month and the lifeguards circle the shifts they are available to work (this doesn't mean they will get those shifts); then a schedule calendar is prepared which can be viewed online. 

What is the pay?  A first year lifeguard will be paid California student wage for the first 20 hours, then minimum wage thereafter. Returning guards get an increase each year they continue to work at Larkey.

What about conflicting swim meets, family vacations and other activities which may interfere with working as a lifeguard? Shifts are scheduled around the lifeguards' availability. However, in order to become an experienced and confident guard, it is important to work on a regular basis during the active swim season. 

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