A membership to our club entitles you to the full use of the pool, discount and priority registration on all swim lessons, an opportunity for your children to join the award-winning Larkey Sharks, the option to rent the pool for events and reserve use of our picnic areas and BBQs for family functions or other events.  For just $2.25 a day, your entire family can enjoy swimming, playing, relaxing, themed and holiday parties during the spring through fall swim season. It's like a staycation right in your neighborhood. 


Full-time membership is a one-time fee and the membership is yours for "life" or until you choose to sell it as long as you maintain "active" status by keeping your annual dues current. There are two ways to get a full-time membership:

  • Currently, there are many members who now have grown children and are selling their memberships to new young families; buyer pays Club a $75 administrative transfer fee. Contact our Membership Director, Amy Bilyk (925) 567-6101 or to have her coordinate your new member set up.
  • For a list of sellers, click here.
  • Purchase directly from the Club for a one-time buy-in fee of $350.
  • In addition, there are annual dues of $800 due by April 1 of each year. Dues are pro-rated in July ($600) and August ($400) if a new member joins late in the season. The membership may be sold in the future, provided all maintenance and gatekeeping duties have been satisfied. 

Associate membership    This gives you a chance to try out the club for a year by just paying the annual dues. It is only set up for a term of one seasonal year. In order to continue your membership for the next year(s), you must purchase a full-time membership directly from the club for $350. Associate memberships have no voting privileges on club issues.

Responsibilities and Obligations of BOTH full-time and associate members  As a cooperative organization, there are responsibilities for every member. There are two areas of membership obligations: a total of four hours of maintenance and up to five two-hour shifts of gatekeeping. If you are unable to perform these duties, paid gatekeeping and maintenance can be arranged through a season buy-out option or individual dates. 

2019 Annual Dues   Dues and assessments in the amount of $800 are due at the start of the season by April 1. If you join the club later in the season, dues are pro-rated in July ($600) and August ($400). Payments can be made online by logging into your member account.  Dues pay for yearly maintenance, pool services, facility upkeep, pool manager and lifeguards. Please note that per bylaws, only members paid-in-full may use the Larkey facilities. 


LARKEY RULES, REGULATIONS & BYLAWS  (these just need to be read prior to completing the agreement form - no need to print)

LARKEY 2019 DUES, FEES, FINES & BUY-OUT PRICE SCHEDULE  (these just need to be read prior to completing the agreement form - no need to print)




Our Membership Director will have you complete new member forms and then the club will invoice you for the transfer fee and dues. If you have additional questions, call or email Amy Bilyk, Membership Director, at (925) 567-6101 or . 


As a Larkey Pool member, you are welcome to share the facility with your guests. Please remember though that you are ultimately responsible for the actions and behavior of your guests while they are at the pool. 

Guest fees are $4.00 per person per day. You can pay at the desk that day by cash, check or PayPal or use a pre-paid 10-visit guest card selling for $36 by the gatekeeper. The pre-paid guest card is kept at the gatekeeping desk under your member key # and a visit box is checked off by the gatekeeper for each guest you bring to the pool with you. You must sign in for yourself and all your guests and mark how you paid for the guest on the daily sign-in sheet.

Babysitter, Nanny and Grandparent Reminder: Any regular babysitter, nanny or grandparents/house guests who bring member children to the pool must purchase a "Nanny" permit every 30 days from the gatekeeper for $25. The permit allows the babysitter, nanny or grandparents/house guests to be admitted to the pool. This fee must be paid for admission, even if the babysitter or grandparents do not swim in the pool. Permits are available for purchase from the on duty gatekeeper. You can pay by cash, check or PayPal. The babysitter, nanny or grandparent must sign in on the daily sign-in sheet and have gatekeeper check for the card in the MEMBERS CARDS BINDER and confirm on the member log-in sheet that there is a current card on file.

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