2018 Dues, Fees, Fines and Buy-out Price Schedule

Annual dues are due by April 1, 2018. Invoices will be mailed out by the Larkey Treasurer. If you did not receive an invoice by March 15, 2018, contact LarkeyTreasurer@gmail.com and advise them.

Once you receive your invoice from the club, you will be able to pay online via eCheck or credit card.  The emailed invoice will also prompt you to set up your family profile account in the Larkey Private Swim Club "Members Only"  Directory page on the Larkey website.

We suggest you like or follow our club's Larkey Private Swim Club FACEBOOK page for current pool announcements.

Guest Fees and Nanny/Babysitter Permit Fees

As a Larkey Pool member, you are welcome to share the facility with your guests. Please remember though that you are ultimately responsible for the actions and behavior of your guests while they are at the pool. 

Guest fees are $4.00 per person per day. You can pay at the desk that day by cash, check or PayPal or use a pre-paid 10-visit guest card selling for $36 by the gatekeeper. The pre-paid guest card is kept at the gatekeeping desk under your member key # and a visit box is checked off by the gatekeeper for each guest you bring to the pool with you. You must sign in for yourself and all your guests and mark how you paid for the guest on the daily sign-in sheet.

Babysitter, Nanny and Grandparent Reminder: Any regular babysitter, nanny or grandparents/house guests who bring member children to the pool must purchase a permit every 30 days from the gatekeeper for $25. The permit allows the babysitter, nanny or grandparents/house guests to be admitted to the pool. This fee must be paid for admission, even if the babysitter or grandparents do not swim in the pool. Permits are available for purchase from the on duty gatekeeper. The babysitter, nanny or grandparent must sign in on the daily sign-in sheet and have gatekeeper check for the card and confirm on the sign-in sheet.

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