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Parties at Larkey

Larkey is a great place to host a party or an event — children’s birthday parties, end-of-season baseball and soccer parties or end-of-year school parties. A perfect spot for your next gathering, the Larkey Private Swim Club can accommodate both semi-private and private parties for up to 100 guests.

If you have questions or inquiries about hosting a party, please reach out to the Larkey Pool Manager, Amy Mason, at

NOTE: As of February 2023, Larkey is in the process of building up our summer staff of lifeguards, and extra lifeguards must be available to support the safety of parties and events. The majority of our lifeguards are high school and college students. At this point, we cannot commit to being able to host a party or event during school hours on weekdays until the school year comes to a close in early June. This situation may change as our staffing roster comes together, and we will update this page when it does.

Larkey Pool Party Booking Steps:  
  1. To familiarize yourself with the party guidelines and costs, download the Larkey Party Guidelines for 2023
  2. Before you choose a date for your party - click here to look at our club's calendar for pool hours and conflicting events (swim meets, holiday parties, other parties)
  3. Please email the party request  to after you have looked to see that there is nothing already scheduled on that day. 

Pool Party FAQs

Where can I find information about arranging to have a party at Larkey Private Swim Club?  See the above "Party Booking Steps"

Can a non-member have a party at the pool?  Yes — however, the party must be booked by a member, using the member's key # and the member is responsible for making sure all guidelines and policies are abided by and must be present at the party until finished.

The guidelines say no parties after 6pm on weekends — are there exceptions to this policy?  We are unable to extend the hours beyond 6pm.

When do you need an exact guest count? We would like a good estimate when you book your party. If there is any significant change to the original amount — contact the Pool Manager. It is especially important for us to know the approximate number of swimmers so we can schedule to have more lifeguard coverage. 

Can I set up early for a party? Yes. You can show up earlier to bring in your supplies and decorate. You can use the gate near the sports court for unloading supplies. If you have an early party, the lifeguards show up 30 minutes before posted pool hours opening time; you can come at that time to start setting up. Just make sure you Check in with the party guard upon arrival. All guests will need to check in with the party guard upon arrival.

Can I have a caterer deliver food?  Yes.

Can we bring in alcohol? Yes, but NO GLASS containers and make sure whoever is drinking is over 21.  

Other food and beverage rules? No glass plates, containers, bottles. Yes to feeding the lifeguards. It's traditional to offer them some food.

NOTE: we currently do not have an extra refrigerator or freezer in the clubhouse for party use. ABSOLUTELY no colored frosting on any cakes or cupcakes — it stains the pool deck. 

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